[Image Description: There is a large wall with barbed wire at the top. In front of the wall is a graduated series of stacks of books that essentially form stairs. Standing on the tallest stack is a person reaching over the wall to hug someone on the other side. See the image source, here.]
The Tennessee Prison Books Project (TNPBP) is dedicated to connecting people outside of prison to people in prison through sharing books. We are a volunteer group of feminists committed to creating community and working with those inside jails and prisons in TN to get the books they want and need into their hands. We strive to center women, queer, transgender and young people who are imprisoned in our work and hope that as this project evolves, those of us inside and out will work together to grow this project into a strong and sustained connection across prison walls.

The TPBP was started by several people who are also members of the Nashville Feminist Collective’s Transformative Justice Working Group.

Updated on: 10/11/2021